Tuesday, May 10, 2011

where has Rob Ryan been all our lives...

While the rest of the world has long been celebrating the amazing talent of Rob Ryan and his London team, we have sadly been in the dark! Luckily, we spotted his 'Four Seasons' set of 4 plates in a number of recent home and design magazines, and instantly fell in love!

Rob Ryan is a world famous artist who specialises in papercutting and screen printing.  Whimsical and romantic, his designs are quite breath-taking...here are a few of our favourites.

And I Walked tape in black
Four Seasons set of 4 plates
Other Planets Nest paper cut print
Our Story paper cut print
Ceramic Vase
You Are My Universe screen print

Maybe we can add one to the Mother's Day list next year? xx


  1. Where can I buy Rob Ryan stuff in NZ? I can't find a website which will freight the set of 4 plates or the jug to NZ. I'm in Auckland. Thanks, Bryony

  2. Hi there, try http://www.wandaharland.co.nz/ :-)