Saturday, February 25, 2012

pretty packaging...

We are all about pretty packaging here at presse-papiers - part of the reason we started this business really!  For years, we have appreciated beautifully wrapped gifts or lovely packaging of shopping purchases.  To us, it is part of the overall gift or purchase in itself, and absolutely adds to the value of the goodies inside. 

Here are a few pretty examples that have recently caught our eye!

Loving the find of website The DieLine too, which is exclusively devoted to the art of brand packaging!

hmmm, might have to go do some wrapping now...x

Saturday, February 18, 2012

vintage inspired photography...

We just brought a couple of these prints after noticing a link on Sweet William's blog

So simple and pretty, we especially loved the word prints for inspirational reminders. 

Check out the talented photographer Cassia Beck's online Etsy store, who is super lovely and helpful with any enquiries.  If you're quick, there is a sale going on currently as well.

happy gazing xx

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

paper inspiration...

wow!  How amazing are these paper creations from the talented Jennifer Collier

We stumbled upon the paper dress in the latest Donna Hay magazine [another reason to love this mag aside from the yummy recipes!], and went searching for more.

The attention to detail and prettiness of these paper creations is inspiring, and reminded us how much we love our friend, paper!

Which one is your favourite? The teacup and saucer is pretty high up on our list :-) 

Enjoy x

Monday, February 6, 2012

melbourne here we come...

We are super duper excited to be off to Melbourne next month!  And 1) we're going together, 2) we're not taking husbands or children, and 3) we don't even have to pretend its a work trip as we have blatantly advised that yes, shopping will be done!  It's payback you see, as our hubbies got to go to the Rugby World Cup in October and this was our promised penance.  We don't think they were actually really listening when the deal was struck, but yippee for us!

We've both been to Melbourne a couple times before, but would love to hear any recommendations of must-see shops and activities.  Especially any gorgeous paper, gift and homeware stores!  We promise to bring back plenty of pics :-)