Saturday, April 7, 2012

our Melbourne trip...

Well we've finally found some time to share our recent trip to Melbourne.  It literally flew by in a talking, eating, shopping haze, but we loved every minute!

Aside from running presse together, we first and foremost are sisters so you can imagine we always have a lot to talk about! Children, family, friends, general life, the list is endless.  And these days, we rarely get to hang out on our own [actually the last time we did that was in fact in Sydney for New Years in about 2005!], so we had a lot of catching up to do.

Our highlights were: macarons and coffee at Chez Dre in South Melbourne (thanks for the tip Jennifer), cocktails at Cookies bar (hmmm, 4 drinks and $80 later but completely worth it!), divine breakfast with views from Level 28 at the Crown Metropol, shopping in the city centre and Brunswick Street, and a little unexpected tram ride to St Kilda and back!

True to our paper and stationery addiction, we stocked up on new mt masking tape at the local mag nation store, as well as lots of cute cards at Card & Caboodle!

We also chatted about the joys and challenges of running an online business together from 2 different countries.  Similar to other businesses starting up, we were endlessly optimistic about our living arrangements 'it'll be fine', 'it's online anyway so it will totally work for us both' or 'maybe Liv will be home soon anyway'!  Optimism is all well in good, until reality knocks on the door!

So it was good to be able to chat face to face, remind ourselves about why we started presse in the first place, and talk about ideas moving forward. 

We're hoping to make the trip an annual thing although this might be pushing it ;-) x

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