Sunday, March 27, 2011

DIY fabric-covered notebooks

It felt time for another creative project at presse-papiers, and with Mothers Day only a few weeks away, we found this great DIY guide to making a fabric-covered notebook. Choose some beautiful fabric and supplies, and you can custom design the perfect gift!

It is easy peasy, if you can find the time :-)

How to:
After ironing your fabric with spray starch, place it print side down and lay your notebook on top.  Cut out the fabric, leaving a 3cm border around the notebook.

Stick double-sided tape around the outside edges of the notebook, leaving the spine clear, and then with the notebook closed, stick it down in the centre of the fabric.

At the top and bottom of the spine, cut two snips into the fabric so that you can leave the spine clear but still be able to fold and stick down the rest of the fabric onto the inside of the book. Tidy the corners.

You can now decorate it how you like.  If using a button and ribbon, you need to sew the button through the fabric at the front, and then stick a piece of ribbon or string in place on the inside using a sticker or washi tape, which is long enough to go around the notebook at least once. We used a colourful badge, which worked just as well.  Alternatively, you can simply tie a ribbon or leather string around the notebook.  Get creative with the inside pages of the notebook, by creating pockets for notes/receipts and giving space for the owner to record their details.  We included a little bookmark as well.

Thanks to Sania Pell at, the gorgeous blog by Inside Out magazine.

Have fun! xx

Sunday, March 20, 2011

a Sunday night on Etsy...

A stressful part of our life at presse-papiers is looking for new products...but somebody has to do it ;-).  Honestly, there is an abundance of creativity out there, and so many gorgeous paper and stationery delights, its hard to know where to begin! Here are a few of our favourites from tonight's escape into Etsy.

Love muslin bags by papermoonbyKAT

Paris Umbrella sticky tape by Belle & Boo

Bubblegum striped straws by fortandfield

Birdcage round seals by petitepaperie

What would you like to see next at presse-papiers? let us know, we would love to know what you think!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Help for Japan

Ebony Bizys from Hello Sandwich - who brought us the wonderfully, creative Gift Wrapping Zine that we blogged about a couple months ago - has witnessed first hand the devastation currently going on in Japan following last week's earthquake and tsunami.  The trauma and sense of panic that the Japanese people are experiencing is unimaginable :-(

Ebony is selling the PDF of her Gift Wrapping Zine for $5 and all money raised will go to the Red Cross to support survivors and help rebuild Japan.  Please buy your own copy, and ask all of your friends to do the same.    The Zine is super amazing anyway, but most importantly you will helping where help is desperately needed.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Earthquake

It's feeling a little scary in this big world of ours at the moment.  While Christchurch is still coming to terms with the aftermath of the February 22nd earthquake, it is now Japan reeling from a massive earthquake and destructive tsunami that has left thousands homeless and an estimated death toll of at least one thousand people.

We love Japan.  The people and their culture. Their cute and quirky stationery that we fought over as young girls, and which heavily contributed to our stationery obsession as adults.  Origami swans.  MT washi tape.  Hello Sandwich.  The list could go on forever...

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Japan, now and in the weeks and months to come.

The image below stood out to us tonight.  Not only because it captures the human face of this tragedy, but also because it reminds us of the unwavering spirit of human kindness in such adversity.

A soldier carries an elderly man on his back to a shelter in Natori city,
Miyagi prefecture on 12 March 2011 (STR/AFP/Getty Images).

Look after one another xx

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

time and healing

One week on.  People all over New Zealand stood still today and observed two minutes silence in tribute to those who lost their lives, are missing or were injured in the February 22nd earthquake.  It reminded us how powerful silence can be during times when words really don't say enough.

Our nation is united in grief, and Kiwis living all over the world sent their love and support today.  Let's continue this in the months ahead in any way we are able.

It might not feel it right now, but somehow in time the people of Christchurch will rebuild their city and their lives following this tragedy.  Somehow, time can heal...

Thanks to Sweet William for giving us permission to share this beautiful print.