Sunday, March 27, 2011

DIY fabric-covered notebooks

It felt time for another creative project at presse-papiers, and with Mothers Day only a few weeks away, we found this great DIY guide to making a fabric-covered notebook. Choose some beautiful fabric and supplies, and you can custom design the perfect gift!

It is easy peasy, if you can find the time :-)

How to:
After ironing your fabric with spray starch, place it print side down and lay your notebook on top.  Cut out the fabric, leaving a 3cm border around the notebook.

Stick double-sided tape around the outside edges of the notebook, leaving the spine clear, and then with the notebook closed, stick it down in the centre of the fabric.

At the top and bottom of the spine, cut two snips into the fabric so that you can leave the spine clear but still be able to fold and stick down the rest of the fabric onto the inside of the book. Tidy the corners.

You can now decorate it how you like.  If using a button and ribbon, you need to sew the button through the fabric at the front, and then stick a piece of ribbon or string in place on the inside using a sticker or washi tape, which is long enough to go around the notebook at least once. We used a colourful badge, which worked just as well.  Alternatively, you can simply tie a ribbon or leather string around the notebook.  Get creative with the inside pages of the notebook, by creating pockets for notes/receipts and giving space for the owner to record their details.  We included a little bookmark as well.

Thanks to Sania Pell at, the gorgeous blog by Inside Out magazine.

Have fun! xx

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