Sunday, April 24, 2011

2 weeks until Mother's Day...

It seems as though Mother's Day has crept up on us this year with Easter being so late, so we thought you might need a gentle reminder to get organised and start shopping for Mum!

Here is a quick presse-papiers Gift Guide to help you out!

* for Mums who love chatting

Dots & Jots Stationery Set $15.95
Owl Chat 8x10" Print $35

* for Mums who love their kitchen

Wooden Spoon card $6.50
Vintage Girl mini notebook $6.50

* for Mums who love shopping

Nine Inch card $6.50
Mini notebooks $2.80

* for Mums who loves crafts and DIY

Cotton Twine $4.00
Light purple single mt roll $6

* for Mums who love their work

Envelope Set $12
File Folder $3.50

Check out lots more gorgeous gift ideas online...

happy shopping xx

Monday, April 18, 2011

DIY gift tags and labels

Every now and then, it's nice to find a freebie or two so have a look at these DIY gift tags and labels that I found looking through the archives of the gorgeous blog Eat Drink Chic.  All you need is some nice paper, your printer, and a pair of scissors to create these little gems...

Set of 4 French inspired gift tags

Home made Jam labels

Vintage style flash card gift tags

Vintage Tea Cannister labels

Happy creating! and be sure to send us some pics of your creations xx

Monday, April 11, 2011

an Easter garden hunt...

Less than two weeks until Easter, and we've been having fun with different ideas for where Easter Bunny is going to be leaving his eggs this year...

See online for your own Easter supplies!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pinterest...the perfect eye candy!

We are in LOVE! And no sorry, it is not our husbands, our children or even mt masking tape that have stolen our hearts this week!  It is the discovery of a very cool, very addictive website called Pinterest.

Essentially, pinterest is a 'virtual pinboard', where you are able to create different collections of pictures that you love, as well as be able to follow the pin-boards of other like-minded souls - its basically a way of sharing the millions of stunning images floating around the cyberspace in one place!  All you do is re-pin an image that you like to your own page.

We haven't even reached the point of creating our own page yet, we've just been so captivated looking at all the gorgeous pages.  There are plenty of pretty paper and stationery images, which is fabulous for inspiration for presse-papiers, but we have also fallen in love with lots of other pages as well...

Here is a very small taste of what we discovered.

This will definitely not be the last time you hear from us about pinterest! You absolutely have to go and check it out.