Sunday, April 24, 2011

2 weeks until Mother's Day...

It seems as though Mother's Day has crept up on us this year with Easter being so late, so we thought you might need a gentle reminder to get organised and start shopping for Mum!

Here is a quick presse-papiers Gift Guide to help you out!

* for Mums who love chatting

Dots & Jots Stationery Set $15.95
Owl Chat 8x10" Print $35

* for Mums who love their kitchen

Wooden Spoon card $6.50
Vintage Girl mini notebook $6.50

* for Mums who love shopping

Nine Inch card $6.50
Mini notebooks $2.80

* for Mums who loves crafts and DIY

Cotton Twine $4.00
Light purple single mt roll $6

* for Mums who love their work

Envelope Set $12
File Folder $3.50

Check out lots more gorgeous gift ideas online...

happy shopping xx

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  1. love those mini notebooks!