Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Earthquake

It's feeling a little scary in this big world of ours at the moment.  While Christchurch is still coming to terms with the aftermath of the February 22nd earthquake, it is now Japan reeling from a massive earthquake and destructive tsunami that has left thousands homeless and an estimated death toll of at least one thousand people.

We love Japan.  The people and their culture. Their cute and quirky stationery that we fought over as young girls, and which heavily contributed to our stationery obsession as adults.  Origami swans.  MT washi tape.  Hello Sandwich.  The list could go on forever...

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Japan, now and in the weeks and months to come.

The image below stood out to us tonight.  Not only because it captures the human face of this tragedy, but also because it reminds us of the unwavering spirit of human kindness in such adversity.

A soldier carries an elderly man on his back to a shelter in Natori city,
Miyagi prefecture on 12 March 2011 (STR/AFP/Getty Images).

Look after one another xx

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