Monday, February 14, 2011

a few of our favourite [gift-wrapping] things....

Right now, we are loving:

* Buttons - now I know why I kept all of those buttons that you receive when you buy new clothes - they are a great accessory for brown paper packages!

* Stamps - a quick and easy way to personalise your gift wrap, envelopes or cards.

* Twine - okay, this is an old love that has turned into a recent obsession thanks to The Twinery with their amazing colours that make you think of your favourite childhood lolly!  We will have these in our shop soon thank goodness! 

* brown envelopes - these have made a comeback recently and look so much prettier and original than a boring white envelope.  You can place letters, cards, or small gifts inside for a lucky someone!

* washi tape (of course) - we can't get enough of this stuff, and are looking forward to seeing the new range at Instyle in Sydney later this week.

All these pretty parcels are off to our baby sister who is moving to a new city this week to start university! Good luck babe!


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