Thursday, May 5, 2011

tweeting on twitter...

We have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon here at presse papiers :-) Okay okay, we haven't exactly jumped...maybe more like tiptoed into the Twitter house and we're still standing at the door with our coats on!

We happily admit that we have avoided this form of social networking up until now.  It wasn't personal, but we were busy getting to know this blog and our facebook page, and to be honest, we were a little bit intimidated by something so popular and on trend!

However, now that our monthly newsletter has a Twitter link, we thought we better check out where the links were going!  And so far, it has been quite exciting!  And amazing the number of people and businesses that we know happily contributing to the Twitter conversation.

So if you are a twitterer, come and say hello here.  We will be tentatively making a few more tweets as we find our way around, but also, sharing interesting tweets we read along the way!


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