Sunday, July 17, 2011

spoonful - a happiness companion...

Life is frantic these feels like we are constantly on the go, running from one demand to another, and still we don't achieve enough.  We feel like there is never enough time in the day and never enough days in the week.  As mums, we constantly watch our children and marvel at their focus on the here and now.  They don't really care that the washing needs to be done, that there are emails unattended, or that Mum has a million other things to do - they just want you to be there with them, right there and then, in that moment. 

Well here comes along a beautiful little publication that is designed to inspire us all to see and think afresh the world around you, and even better - is short enough for us to finish before the end of a train ride!  Bite-sized in length, and filled with creative and uplifting quotes, stories and ideas - Spoonful is sure to make you smile after reading it. 

A perfect gift for yourself or a friend, buy yourself a copy here

Spoonful comes out 3-4 x a year so start your happiness collection now xx 

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