Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ava's Tea Party...

If there was ever a reason to slow down, appreciate your life and embrace your loved ones, this story is it...We had heard about Ava's Tea Party before but somehow had never actually read the story until now. A heart breaking story about a little girl called Ava who left this world far too early, and a brave family who have dedicated their lives since to sharing her story and encouraging families to stop and share a moment with their loved ones.  And pay tribute to a little girl who never had the chance for her first tea party.

In 2009, Ava's family celebrated her birthday with that precious tea party, and invited the blogging community to do the same.  And so the Annual Ava's Tea party was born.  Every August, tea parties of all shapes and sizes take place to honour Ava's memory and to encourage the simple yet often neglected idea of taking the time.

This year, we will be having a simple tea party with our little ones to do just this - cherish the moment, take the time, and just breathe them in.  Please join us, and all the tea parties taking place on or around the 22nd August...for Ava and her family xx

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