Friday, August 26, 2011

Paper Runway - Issue 2

Have you ordered your copy of Paper Runway Issue Two yet?  After the huge success of Issue One, one could imagine there was a bit of pressure around backing this up with the next issue.  But we need not have worried - Maree & Nikki, the clever duo behind Paper Runway have done it again.  A beautiful cover, great interviews with the likes of Kristina Karlsson, and page after page of beautiful paper in all it's guises.


A little reminder why Paper Runway is a must in your collection:

- it is independently published and designed, which feels lovely to support in this age of big business
- it is printed on environmentally friendly and 100% recycled paper, meaning it is kind to our trees and the world
- it brings you unique and creative paper products from all over the world, which in turns supports other small businesses and creative folk doing what they know best
- it brings together a community of people who love paper - this is exciting to share and be a part of
- each Issue has lots of giveaways for lucky subscribers - make sure you keep up with giveaway details on the Paper Runway blog
- it looks very pretty on your coffee table :-)

presse-papiers is the first NZ stockist of Paper Runway, and you can order your copies here xx

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