Sunday, September 18, 2011

introducing Zooey Moon...

We love getting to know our newest products and the people behind them - it adds another whole level of meaning to what we do, and in turn, we love sharing this with our customers and blog readers. 

This week we are introducing the lovely Nikki, and her gorgeous Zooey Moon art prints.  We asked Nikki if she could share the story behind Zooey Moon and what makes her prints unique and a must-have for your home! 

"From a crazy number of years as a graphic designer and returning from the bright lights of overseas, I settled down to become a mum. Not content with the challenges of a newborn, I decided I would dream up a creative outlet that could be fun and flexible too. I'd seen so many gorgeous products overseas and found the NZ selection a little lacking when it came to buying for my daughter. So Zooey Moon was born. Reaching beyond the fashionable vinyls on the market to collectable, limited edition pieces that would work together. I wanted to create pieces that would stand the test of time and would serve as keepsakes and bookmarks of a time in a child's life. Our wall art set the tone and other products and ideas soon followed and are still in development, creating a growing range of decorative room accessories.

Zooey Moon is a fantastical, mythical place where colourful creatures and characters exist. Its a beautiful place to be and our products are designed to ignite imaginations and brighten spaces. Its a place well worth a visit!"

We have fallen in love with the characters in Zooey Moon's art prints - like Art the worm who pops up regularly to say hi to friends and Sidney the Snail who dreams about bigger things.  And we especially love that each print is limited to 50 copies only so you can be pretty sure it is a unique gift you are buying yourself or some lucky person!

Enter the fanciful world of Zooey Moon here.


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