Sunday, December 18, 2011

DIY Christmas Tree...

As we shared over on facebook yesterday, our dear friend Larissa created a fabulous DIY Christmas tree from a couple of magazines.  We fell in love with it straight away, and promised to attempt our own version. 

So here goes...forgive the dark pictures but it was a Saturday night project :-)

We made our tree from a Frankie magazine (we initially felt a little guilty for folding the beautiful pages of this magazine, but we later figured that the awesome people over at Frankie would forgive us!)

1. Fold down the page from the top right hand side towards the spine.

 2. Repeat the fold towards the spine again (your page will now be folded longer than the bottom edge of the magazine).

3. Fold up the bottom of the folded page.

4. Continue with the same process for each page of the magazine.

5. When you have finished, fold the front and back cover around to meet each other and staple together.  We only needed to use one Frankie magazine for our tree, but Larissa used two magazines to fill hers - it will depend on how many pages your magazine has as well as the thickness of the paper.

Attach a decoration to the top of the tree, and voila, your very own DIY Christmas tree!

We would love to see your own versions so please send them through to and we will post them up on our facebook page.

Good luck! x

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