Monday, January 17, 2011

Gift Wrapping Delights!

As you can imagine, we were a teeny weeny bit excited when we came across this Hello Sandwich Gift Wrapping Zine, written by the super stylish and ever so lovely, Ebony Bizys.

Can you imagine 64 pages solely dedicated to gift wrapping ideas!!  Filled with inspirational ideas and step-by-step guides to wrapping all of your presents with originality and flair, it seriously evokes heart palpitations for those of us with a weakness for gift wrapping!

It is filled with our favourite gift wrapping ingredients - stamps, MT tapes, tags, ribbons, stickers, paper bags and much much more...

As part of our 2011 pledge to become more creative, this guide is an essential bible! And of course, we will be stocking up on plenty more gorgeous gift wrapping accessories in the months to come in our shop.

All images kindly supplied by Hello Sandwich.

Make sure you check out the fabulous Hello Sandwich blog,filled with inspiring ideas and images from Ebony's life in Japan, and of course, where you can buy your own copy of the Zine.   

Happy wrapping everyone!

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