Monday, January 24, 2011

Family connections

Our sister Nadia made the most fantastic discovery a couple weeks ago.  She was rummaging through our Mum's cupboard (where 32 years of childhood memories are awaiting collection!), and found a very cute, very familiar collection of cards.

With excitement, she recognised it as being two of the characters from the Daisy Lane swap cards that we sell at Presse-Papiers.  As we already knew, Lark's Daisy Lane collection celebrates the work of Sue Adams, whose gorgeous images of young boys and girls were found on thousands of greeting cards from the 1950s to 1980s.

As it turns out, the cards were used for guests to RSVP to our Mum and Dad's wedding in July 1977, and as all brides do, Mum had kept them all and shared their story with us when we were young.

Mum's RSVP cards from 1977
Daisy Lane Swap Cards - available in our online shop 2011

There is something quite lovely and magical in this discovery...almost a reminder of the invisible threads that forever connect mums and daughters, long-time friends and different family generations. Although we couldn't remember them, maybe this is why we fell in love with the Daisy Lane cards in the first place, and imagined our own children collecting them and sharing them with friends.  Just lovely.

Do you or your parents remember these cards? What other childhood memories have revisited you as an adult?

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