Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pretty paper flowers

Inspired by all the romantic hints of Valentines Day just around the corner, I made these pretty paper flowers recently.  I found the original idea in the DIY section of the Inside Out Christmas edition - so thanks!

To create your own paper bouquets, you will need a range of different papers that you can cut into different shape circles, and some florist wire to make your stems.  For my flowers, I used pink cupcake cases, some small white doilies leftover from the Christmas wreath, and some baking paper, and I picked up some florist wire from the local flower shop.  Using different types of paper media help to texture the flowers, but really you can use whatever colour or paper you like.

Collect 3-4 paper circles together, starting with the largest circle on the outside and getting smaller as you come to the front of the flower.  Pierce the heart of the flower with a piece of florist wire that is folded in half, and you can then bend over the end of the folded wire to create a stamen.  I then twisted the florist wire together to make a more durable stem.  

Easy as that! And now you don't need to wait for the flowers to be brought for you...although that would be lovely also :-)


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