Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Package Project 2011...

Ooh, we've just signed up to The Package Project 2011! We almost missed out as the deadline is tomorrow, October 15th, but luckily discovered it in the nick of time (thanks to our friends over at Frankie Magazine)!

The project aims to connect creative like-minded people all over the world through an organised process of swapping packages and handmade delights! As you know, we are obsessed with pretty parcels, and so the notion of exchanging a parcel with a creative stranger out there is very exciting!  We're already thinking of the goodies that we will be giving back to our 'package partner' :-)

Anyone with an active blog can take part in the project so check out the details here.


What a great idea from Nadia at Cupcake Couture!

Will keep you updated with what happens next :-) x

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