Monday, November 28, 2011

presse-papiers gift guide...

Well, with 27 days to go now until Christmas, we thought it was probably time to start sharing a few of our favourite gift ideas with you!

For the little ones this year, we have to recommend a couple of the new prints from Sweet William.  We simply love Camille and her big imagination!

We also remain obsessed with Mae's unique and child-friendly mini decals - they can be scrunched up by little hands and still maintain their gorgeous quality!

For our friends, sisters and mothers this year, we are wishing for them - relaxation, sunshine and hopefully some inspiring reading time!

Our own hopes for 2012 include more time for creativity, and also to help our children write (or draw!) more handwritten letters to their grandparents - a important family legacy that we want to continue.

 hope your Christmas list is coming together nicely x

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