Saturday, December 3, 2011

more wrapping...

Our households are busy wrapping, taping and tying lots of christmas presents at the moment!  There are copious amounts of brown paper, sticky tape, string, pegs and tags everywhere - a colourful mess but lots of fun!

Even the little ones join in (p.s. found another brilliant aspect of mt tape - teaching a 17 month the skill of stacking!).

happy wrapping xx


  1. HI ladies.
    Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the red cardboard Christmas decs I bought off you last week. I have used them in two ways:1.pegged onto lichen branches that are poking out of an old urn; 2. Hanging at random lengths, tied with the red and white string, and swaying in my office windows. So simple to put up. Trying to think of a use for the leftover card that they came in, now! Cheers, Rache x

  2. Hi Rachel, so glad to hear you are loving the deco kit! Your styling sounds fabulous :-) The 30 decos seem to last forever which is great for using in different ways!
    Enjoy x